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If your business is ready to upgrade its current phone systems, or your business is just starting out, UX Communications is ready to tailor a telecommunications solution for your team’s needs.

UX Communications is a premium Yealink partner, providing unbeatable access to the world’s largest supplier of IP phones. Yealink is also a significant player in the video conferencing market.

What are IP phones and why does my business need them?

IP phones refer to phone systems that use an internet connection to send and receive voice data. They look like the regular office phones that we’ve used for generations, but fortunately for all of us, the technology has significantly improved.

The benefits of IP phone are many, including:

Audio quality

IP telephony now features high definition (HD) voice quality. HD voice provides an enhanced calling experience with crystal-clear sound, ensuring your conversations are clearer and more productive.

Easy set up

IP phones can be quickly set up via the UX Communications Contact Centre. All that is needed is a broadband internet connection and the phone itself. Once you receive the devices, all you need to do is ‘plug and play’.

Cheaper running costs

IP phones eliminate the need for individual phone lines, thereby significantly reducing your overall phone costs.

Video conferencing

IP phones feature full HD video conferencing features designed specifically for small-to-medium businesses.

UX Hosted PBX friendly

IP phones combine perfectly with our tailored UX Hosted PBX offering, providing small-to-medium businesses with a superior telephony experience.

Background Noise Eliminated

when combined with UX Communications’ easy-to-use headsets, background noise is almost eliminated.


our pricing



user / mth

Mobile or Desktop app licence

SIP channel for voice calls (PAYG)

Direct In Dial

Extra licence ($5)

Ultd calls (+20)



user / mth

Mobile app

Desktop App

Direct In Dial

SIP channel (unlimited calls)



user / mth

Mobile App

Desktop App

SIP channel (Unlimited calls)

Direct In Dial (Mobile)

Advanced Admin features (call reporting)

Our preffered hardware partner

We’re proud of our association with Yealink – a company that takes telephony innovation as seriously as we do. Yealink’s commitment to providing quality IP phones designed for business of all sizes ensures that all UX Communications customers are well looked after. Our platform is also built around the Yealink brand, with touchless provisioning. This allows the user to provision the phone automatically and quickly without having to enter provision settings in the device’s user interface.

Why choose ux commmunications ?

Competetive Pricing

We know small bussiness are price sensitive, well give you the best deal first time, every time.

Australian-based Team

We are all local, including our call center, and happy and ready to help your business.

The best IP Phones

Unbeatable access to Yealink, the world’s largest supplier of IP phones.

Owned & Operated ux hosted pbx

Because we own & operate our own infrastructure, this allows us to be ultra responsive to your requirements at all times

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