UX Communications fully
managed contact centre

What is the UX Communications
Fully Managed Contact Centre?

UX Communications Contact Centre is a fully managed, flexible contact centre solution. We help contact centre teams across the country with all of their needs, from inbound and outbound, to omni. Our easy-to-use software covers all of your contact centre needs in one solution

How does the UX Communications Fully Managed
Contact Centre help customers?

Key features of the UX Communications Contact Centre include:

Customisable Dashboard

Our Dashboard allows you to enhance your workplace and create competition amongst your team – with fully customisable leader boards and stats which can be ochanged with the click of a mouse

QA & Coaching

Get next level quality assurance, provide immediate feedback, and train your team a better way. High Level AI functionality to produce optimum results

Call Analytics / AI

Significantly increase performance amongst your team with real time call analytics. Get the most out of every agent and every interaction.

Campaign Management

Setup custom campaigns easily and quickly and spend more time speaking with potential customer

DID/Number Management

Get higher contact rates and reduce the risk of spam with our Fixed & Mobile DID Management

Script Creation

Improve productivity and reduce human error with our script creation tools. Empower your agents with the tools to get the job done with confidence, from the very first interaction

Why choose ux commmunications ?

Competetive Pricing

We know small bussiness are price sensitive, well give you the best deal first time, every time.

Australian-based Team

We are all local, including our call center, and happy and ready to help your business.

The best IP Phones

Unbeatable access to Yealink, the world’s largest supplier of IP phones.

Owned & Operated ux hosted pbx

Because we own & operate our own infrastructure, this allows us to be ultra responsive to your requirements at all times

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