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For most small-to-medium businesses getting access to cutting edge technology sometimes seems to only be within reach of the big players. This has rung very true for hosted PBX as until recently only larger companies were able to afford the necessary onsite infrastructure required to deliver its many benefits.

Thankfully times are changing and innovative telecommunications companies like UX Communications are deliberately shaking things up, with small-to-medium businesses being the clear winner.

Benefits of UX Hosted PBX


For businesses that embrace UX Hosted PBX technology, no longer being anchored to the landline is for most the biggest game changeover. However, it is one of many UX Hosted PBX benefits, others include:

Improved capability to deal with a flood of calls:

we all know the story, some days are much tougher than others on the switch. Sometimes this means your poor receptionist can be sent into a meltdown and you miss important client calls. Missed calls can also lead to a loss in revenue, and a damaged reputation. With UX Hosted PBX however, you can route calls to other team members, no matter where they are located. This helps to ensure no calls are missed and the workload is shared.


UX Hosted PBX allows for set up of automation to better help manage calls. This includes auto attendant including custom greetings, call recordings and other automated features.

CRM Integration

Improve your customer journey from the moment they call with a screen pop of the customers’ existing account, you can impress an understanding of their business needs as soon as the call is answered (and save time in the process).

Flexibility to upsize or downsize

a virtual phone system allows for businesses to add or remove lines and extensions as needed. This means your team will only ever use the exact number of lines that it needs.

Make employee setup and onboarding a breeze

UX Communications offers an easy-to-us customer portal that allows users to login and make changes to their telecommunications set up. For example, if a new team member joins the company, there is no need to contact your current Telco (*wait on hold*) and have them organise a new phone line. The UX Communications user portal ensures changes to your account can be made immediately.

UX Communications Fully Managed Contact Centre Solution

We work with your call centre management team to assist with agent onboarding, customised scripts, campaign creation and management as well as high level custom, scheduled reports and QA/coaching.

No start up pain

UX HOSTED PBX is incredibly cost effective and can be set up in days (not weeks). Nor is there a need for high-cost maintenance and slow project roll-outs that traditional onsite PBX has become known for.

IP phones

UX Hosted PBX can be used either on mobile, PC (Windows/Apple) or via an IP phone. In fact, it combines brilliantly with the latter to deliver a quality and cost-effective telecommunications solution.


our pricing




$39 per user / mth

Mobile app

Desktop App

Direct In Dial

SIP channel (unlimited calls)



$55 per user / mth

Mobile App

Desktop App

SIP channel (Unlimited calls)

Direct In Dial (Mobile)

Advanced Admin features (call reporting)

What is UX Hosted PBX?


UX Hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system, allowing your business to make and receive phone calls from either a PC or phone application. This means both inbound and outbound calls occur entirely via cellular data, or Wi-Fi internet.
For most small-to-medium businesses, UX Hosted PBX has the potential to transform the way they communicate externally and function internally. We’ve all seen the impact that COVID-19 has had on our lives, and nowhere has this been more apparent than in the workplace where work-from-home arrangements have generally been embraced.
UX Hosted PBX ensures businesses of all sizes no longer need to be tied down by their office landline. This gives both employers and employees ongoing flexibility in how they function and work.

What type of business is UX Hosted
PBX most suited to?


The simple answer is any business who will benefit from improved flexibility and functionality when it comes to their telecommunications. Until recently, only big businesses could afford access to this type of technology. However, UX Hosted PBX is a gamechanger as it allows for businesses of all sizes and industries to be easily with clever telecommunications solutions in just a few business days.

From start-ups to multi-national contact centres with over 200 agents, and everything in between, UX Communications has many businesses from multiple industries meet compliance requirements, provide better customer service and help manage internal workloads.

The best way to find out if UX Hosted PBX is a good fit for your business is to contact our friendly team. We specialise in UX Hosted PBX and are on standby, ready to take your call.

Why choose ux commmunications ?


Competetive Pricing

We know small bussiness are price sensitive, well give you the best deal first time, every time.

Australian-based Team

We are all local, including our call center, and happy and ready to help your business.

The best IP Phones

Unbeatable access to Yealink, the world’s largest supplier of IP phones.

Owned & Operated ux hosted pbx

Because we own & operate our own infrastructure, this allows us to be ultra responsive to your requirements at all times

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